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  • Improves riding efficiency
  • Maintains the right pressure - all the time
  • Ensures flexibility and reliability
Maintenance Free
What could be better than maintenance free bicycle tires? PumpTire inner tubes and tires do the pumping so you don’t have to. No dirty hands, no looking for a bicycle pump.
PumpTire inner tubes and tires are compatible with existing tires and rims. No modifcations are necessary to add PumpTire inner tubes and tires to your current bike.
PumpTire inner tubes are designed to exceed the puncture resistance of standard inner tubes and tires. Our design includes a proprietary design which resists puncture and wear more than standard inner tubes and tires.
  • October 3, 2013
    PumpTire Wins Top Startup Award
    We’re thrilled to announce that PumpTire is listed among this year’s top 100 startups. Each year, startup.ch, a leading Swiss platform sup- porting Swiss entrepreneurs, selects the best business ideas from among thousands of young companies.
    May 31, 2013
    Market Research Results
    We completed a 186 person online survey of German cyclists. We presented PumpTire’s value proposition to consumers and compared it to a leading inner tube brand. Key findings were positive, indicating consumers will pay a significant premium for self-pumping tech- nology. The two most disliked maintenance activities among cyclists are changing inner tubes and inflating tires, both problems that PumpTire addresses.
    March 7, 2013
    PumpTire Featured in Bilan Magazine
    In Feburary 2013, PumpTire received a high profile media mention in Bilan Magazine, a leading Swiss economics magazine, as one of the top 50-startups in Switzerland. In addition, we secured a 100,000 CHF grant from the Gerbert Rüf Foundation, a Swiss founda- tion focused on funding high-caliber, impact- oriented projects.
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